Some TCG Upcoming Events

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Most recent update: 7 February 2017
Sections Updated: Before Feb 7 deleted. Feb 25 and Apr 14-17 added.

Wednesday February 8 @ 6:30 pm or 8:00 pm --- Winter TCG Meeting

-- Those who want are invited to arrive around 6:30 pm for a pre-meeting supper with caving friends. Non-members and beginners are also welcome. (Please invite any interested people that you know of!) The food is good with quite a lot of choice.
-- Around 8:15 pm there will be a couple of short presentations on subjects of caving interest (so be sure to arrive BEFORE 8:00 pm):
- Eurospeleo 2016 Part 2: A report on the rest of Eurospeleo 2016 by Kirk MacGregor.
- Caving show and tell. Bring any cave-related photos, videos, or equipment you want to show! There may be a few photos from recent TCG trips.
-- After the presentations, all who want will stay in the same room for more refreshments and fellowship.
-- During the meeting it will also be possible to:
- Pay TCG dues. Most TCG memberships expired on 31 October 2016 and dues are due. If you have not already renewed to 2017 or later, pay at this meeting and save the extra work of mailing in your renewal.
- Borrow and return library books. Please bring any books, etc. that you need to return! To borrow books, etc. be sure to arrange that with the Librarian BEFORE the meeting.
- Talk about future TCG events with any event organizers who are present.
- The Frog and Firkin pub, 4854 Yonge Street, Toronto. This is on the west side of Yonge, about 1.5 blocks north of Sheppard Avenue and 1.1 km north of the centerline of Highway 401 (exit 369). We will be in the room at the front (east) end of the second floor. The sign above this room's double door reads "DartS".
- To get to the Municipal Parking Lot behind the Frog and Firkin, be in the leftmost straight-ahead lane as you drive north across Sheppard. After the island in the middle of Yonge ends, turn left into Harlandale Avenue (immediately before the orange and white 967.11.11 sign for Pizza Pizza). About 40 m into Harlandale, turn right into the parking lot. Pay at the one machine near the middle of the lot. It accepts coins and credit cards only, NOT paper money. All night starting at 6:00 pm costs 7.00$. This lot IS patrolled at night, so failing to pay can be expensive. Continue below at "From the parking lot".
- By TTC, take the subway to the Sheppard-Yonge station and ascend the stairs at the north end of the platform on the Yonge line. Then follow the ceiling signs to "Harlandale Avenue" and continue straight ahead across the street into the parking lot beyond.
- From the parking lot go into the ground level of the only wooden balcony structure. Enter the door with a handle, go up the stairs, zig-zag around the barrier at the top, and continue in the same direction to the room signed "DartS".

Saturday February 25, 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm --- TCG Winter Party and Auction

WHERE: Centre of Gravity, 1300 Gerrard Street East, Toronto. This is on the north side of Gerrard Street, 1 block east of Greenwood Avenue. TTC service is provided by the 506 College streetcar (from the Yonge subway) and the 31 Greenwood bus (from the Bloor subway). Parking is available on local streets.
SOME NOTES: Everyone is welcome. Bring friends and family. Please bring clean shoes or boots to wear indoors. Leave wet, dirty street boots near the doors. Our usual auctioneer is away this year, so we are looking for someone to be the auctioneer. If you can talk, please volunteer with David Wilkins (see PLEASE RSVP below).
PLEASE RSVP to David Wilkins at "" or 289-892-6683 (text anytime, voice calls after 5:00 pm) so we have an idea of numbers.
EVENTS: This fun filled social evening has 9 possible events this year, as listed below. Of course you don't have to do anything like all of them! The 2 rarest ones are the Squeeze Box and the Auction, so don't miss them or you will have to wait a whole year for them to happen again.
1) The party. Bring your own beverage and a contribution to the snacks.
2) Vertical (SRT) Practice. Please bring your own vertical gear if you have any. And there will be some gear to lend out, so beginners are welcome. Please ensure that your gear is CLEAN, and do not bring any special gear reserved for use in WNS-free areas, because some WNS may be present here.
*** Remember that SRT and alcohol do not mix, so please finish your SRT before starting any drinking.
3) Try the squeeze box and see how thick you are! Be sure to bring proper clothes for this wooden crawlway with variable height. (Changing rooms are available.) The best clothes are thin, sturdy, and HAVE NO HARD PARTS ANYWHERE that could touch the soft wood of the floor and ceiling of the box. Belt buckles can be handled by removing the belt or rotating it so the buckle is on your hip. An exposed metal button on the front your trousers can be covered with the canvas provided. Avoid every other hard object that could scratch wood and start splintering. Lubricants of any sort are forbidden.
4) Private selling and swapping of stuff for caving, climbing, camping, etc. This is purely private, with no cut to the TCG.
5) The Auction. Donated items are auctioned, with the money going to the TCG. This year's items already include:
- UNIQUE ITEM! An original cave painting by caver Caitlyn Howe
- 2 retired TCG helmets
- pairs of coloured cords for knot practice
- a used daypack
- And more will certainly be donated before the auction starts around 9:00 pm.
6) Bring caving related videos or photos to show on the projector (on SD cards or USB keys, please).
7) Slacklining.
8) Trampoline with crash mat.
9) Fly a small quadcopter (or try to!). One will be available for limited use.

April 14 - 17 (Easter Weekend) --- Caving Trip In West Virginia

SPECIAL EVENT! This year we will have a combined trip with some DC-area cavers. They will probably be able to take us to some caves that none of us have seen before. Don't miss it! Other than that, this is the usual trip to the Potomac Speleological Club Fieldhouse near Franklin, WV. This trip is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts. While some caves in this area are closed due to white nose syndrome, a number of caves are open, and there will be plenty of caving. In addition, there are surface activities such as hiking, rock climbing at Seneca Rocks, doing the via ferrata at Nelson Rocks (for more information see "" and the David Wilkins sentences below), and just enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. For more information, or to sign up on this trip, contact Kirk MacGregor at 647-892-5240 (you can leave messages here 24/7) or "".
This year David Wilkins is organizing a 1-day side-trip to do the Nelson Rocks via ferrata. For more information on this, or to sign up, contact David at "" or 289-892-6683 (text anytime, voice calls after 5:00 pm) BEFORE APRIL 1 (visits to Nelson Rocks must be arranged in advance).

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