How To Join The Toronto Caving Group

1)   Find the present quarter in the table below and circle the corresponding “first-year” dues.  (All memberships expire on October 31, thus your “first year” varies in length and cost depending on the quarter in which you join.  All Memberships include a subscription to “The Toronto Caver”.)



Group(Note 1)
(first 2)

Group(Note 1)
(3rd, etc.)

Caver Only

Nov to Jan





Feb to Apr





May to Jul





Aug to Oct





Note 1:   A “Group Membership” consists of 2 or more people living at the same address who receive one copy of “The Toronto Caver” between them.

Note 2:   Toronto Caver subscriptions without membership are sold only to people who live outside the Toronto area and to people less than 18 years old.

Note 3:   Feeling generous?  Pay 2 or more times the regular dues listed above and get a Benefactor Membership.  Benefactors are identified in the membership list, and otherwise have the same rights as regular members.  Benefactors please check here: _____

2)   Fill out the waiver/membership information form on the other side of this sheet.

3)   Make your cheque payable to “Toronto Caving Group”, and mail it and this form to the address at the bottom of this page.

How To Renew A Toronto Caving Group Membership

A)   Annual dues for renewals are below.  Please mark your choice with an X.

_____   Single Regular            $25.00
_____   Group Regular            $35.00 (first 2) + $10.00 for each additional person
_____   Single Benefactor      $50.00 or more (at least twice single regular)
_____   Group Benefactor      $70.00 or more (at least twice group regular)
_____   Subscription               $16.00 (only for those in note 2 above)

B)  Fill out the waiver/membership information form on the other side of this sheet.

C)  Make your cheque payable to “Toronto Caving Group”, and mail it and this form to:

Raymond MacNeil
1-66 Elm Street,
Kingston, ON K7K 1M9

Toronto Caving Group Release And Waiver Of Liability Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I fully understand that caving and related activities can be dangerous and may require strenuous physical exertion.  The areas where caving and related activities are conducted contain many known and unknown hazards.  I acknowledge and understand that my participation in caving and related activities could result in my exposure to serious personal injury, illness, disability, or death.  I also acknowledge that property losses can occur.

In consideration of acceptance as a member of The Toronto Caving Group (or as a participant in a Group trip), I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, release and forever discharge the Group, its members and any other person or organization assisting it, from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any damage, loss or injury to person and property which heretofore has been or hereafter may be sustained in consequence of any accident occurring during a Group activity.

(Please put your initials beside one of the age ranges below.  For members 15 to 17 years old, a parent or guardian must also sign.  For a Group Membership, all members must sign, using extra forms if necessary.  The waiver and signatures are not needed for a subscription.)

The undersigned is: (____)18 years of age or older, (____)15 to 17 years old.  (Please initial one)

Signature                                                    ______________________________________

Name (print)                                               ______________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian              ______________________________________

Name of Parent or Guardian (print)         ______________________________________

Signature of Group member #2               ______________________________________

Name of Group member #2 (print)          ______________________________________

Date                                                            ______________________________________

Membership Information

For renewals only please check here: _____  You may omit address, phone number(s), and e-mail(s) if they are the same as last year.

Address               ________________________________________________________



____________    Home Phone/Fax   (_____)_____-_______      (_____)_____-_______

____________    Work Phone/Fax    (_____)_____-_______      (_____)_____-_______

____________    Cellular/Pager        (_____)_____-_______      (_____)_____-_______

____________    E-mail Home/Work_________________________________________

____________    Work Phone/Fax    (_____)_____-_______      (_____)_____-_______

____________    Cellular/Pager        (_____)_____-_______      (_____)_____-_______

____________    E-mail Home/Work_________________________________________