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Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Intoxilyzer 5000C, Serial Numbers Used in Ontario Impaired Driving Offences

Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton, Alcotest 7410 GLC Screening Devices Used in DUI Drunk Driving Offences

Impaired Driving, Drunk Driving, and DUI Dictionary for Canadian Lawyers

Interferent Bias in Approved Instruments and Approved Screening Devices

Mouth Alcohol Bias in Approved Instruments and Approved Screening Devices

Absorption Bias, Last Drink Defence, Bolus Drinking


Supreme Court of Canada New Brunswick Court of Appeal
British Columbia Court of Appeal Nova Scotia Court of Appeal
Alberta Court of Appeal P.E.I. Court of Appeal
Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Newfoundland Court of Appeal
Manitoba Court of Appeal Yukon Court of Appeal
Ontario Court of Appeal N.W.T. Court of Appeal
Quebec Court of Appeal Nunavut Court of Appeal


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