Law Library for Canadian Criminal Lawyers

Recent Canadian Federal Criminal Legislation:

Bill C-3 DNA Identification
Bill C-16 Powers of Arrest and Search of Dwellings
Bill C-37 Amendments to the Judges Act
Bill C-51 Amendments
Bill C-57 Nunavut Court of Justice

Canadian Government Criminal Law Bills :

Bill C-40 Extradition
Bill C-68 Youth Criminal Justice Act
Bill C-69 Criminal Records Act Amendments
Bill C-251 Consecutive Sentences for Murder and Sexual Assault
Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

Canadian Constitutional Documents:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canadian Bill of Rights
Consolidated Constitutional Laws of Canada (1867 - 1982)

Canadian Statutes:

Canada Evidence Act
Canadian Bill of Rights
Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
Corrections and Conditional Release Act
Criminal Code of Canada
Criminal Records Act
Young Offenders Act

Articles, Bulletins, and Information:

Stephen Biss: Youth Court Law
Stephen Biss: The Young Offenders Act
Stephen Biss: Criminal Law
Pink Murray
Skurka & Pringle Defence Brief
The Great Young Offenders Act Debate
The Canadian Impaired Driving Checklist
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
Criminal Lawyers' Association Internet Links
Canadian Criminal Law Information Centre
U.S. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Supreme Court of Canada