Stephen R. Biss, Impaired Driving Lawyer in Brampton, Ontario Courts

The Brampton Courts including the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice serve Mississauga criminal charges and Brampton criminal charges. Any criminal charges investigated by Peel Regional Police or the Port Credit Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police will be prosecuted at Brampton. Caledon charges are dealt with at the Dufferin County Courthouse and Orangeville Ontario Court of Justice Courthouse.

The A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse  is located on Hurontario Street in Brampton, Ontario. There is a large parking lot that you access from Hurontario Street. On days when jury panels are being selected you should get to Court very early.

The following links will help you prepare for your first meeting with an Impaired Driving Lawyer if you are criminally charged with an offence at Brampton, Ontario Courts.



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